Being a cooperative organization, the main objective of the Agricultural Co-op of Neapoli-Agrinio is not only to commercially exploit the produce grown by its members, but also to preserve the high quality of their products.

For this reason:

A. It COLLABORATES with agricultural holdings that implement either organic farming programs or integrated management programs, proper use of plant protection products, and measures for the protection of the environment and sustainable development.

In accordance with the GLOBAL G.A.P. international protocol, the AGRO 2.1-2.2 Greek protocol, and GRASP.

B. It PROCESSES and STANDARDIZES agricultural products (asparagus, kiwi fruit) at its two modern facilities, with state-of-the-art technological equipment and strict safety specifications on matters of health and hygiene.

The Co-op’s packing plants are certified according to the ISO 22000 and IFS standards.