Mythical Flavors from Greece

The  Co-op’s fruits and vegetables are the top choice for thousands of consumers.

Nearly mythical quality and flavor thanks to the Acheloos River!

High-quality Greek products,

with no compromises

on flavor and enjoyment!

tons of produce
years of history
of history and tradition

For thousands of years, the Acheloos River with its plentiful waters fertilizes the soil and supports a unique ecosystem, ideally suited for various crops.

The goals of Organic Farming are:

  • To grow produce with a high nutritional value, safe for consumers and free of any residue from pesticides, antibiotics, or chemical fertilizers. 
  • To protect the environment (protect the soil and aquifer, sustainable management of natural resources, ensuring biodiversity).

A dynamic enterprise that respects today’s consumers!

Products of exceptional quality

Thanks to the region’s fertile soil and exceptional microclimate, the diligence and knowhow of the people who farm these plentiful lands, and the co-op’s technological capabilities, the products of Acheloos have their own distinct identity and are truly unique.

Kiwi fruit

Thanks to our region’s fertile soil and microclimate, kiwi fruit from our parts develop a unique flavor. The state-of-the-art installations at our farms, with anti-hail protection systems, ensure the consistent quality of our produce. Kiwi is a fruit bursting with vitamins and trace elements that are vital for the human body.


Its flavor is very similar to that of self-seeded wild asparagus. The ecosystem and microclimate of the Acheloos region together with the diligence and knowhow of the farmers, the strict cultivation specifications and innovative technological equipment at our packing plants, all combine to create its unique identity.

Certifications for Agricultural Holdings

• Global G.A.P. international protocol
• AGRO 2-1 & 2-2 standard

The Agricultural Co-op of Neapoli-Agrinio has implemented for many years a successful integrated management program for all its products (asparagus, kiwi fruit), which is certified according to the Global G.A.P. international protocol and the AGRO 2.1 & 2.2 protocol.

• Organic Farming Measure
Many of our asparagus and kiwi producers have switched their crops to organic farming practices.

Packing Plant Certifications

The co-op’s two state-of-the-art packing plants, in Neapoli, Agrinio and in Gouria, Mesologgi, are certified according to:
• The BRC international standard
• ISO 22000:2005
• (I.F.S. (International Food Standards).

Organic products (asparagus, kiwi fruit) that it collects from certified farmers.

Integrated Management Program

Proper training, organization & knowhow.

The Agricultural Co-op of Neapoli-Agrinio collaborates with agricultural holdings that implement an integrated management program with proper use of plant protection products, and measures for the protection of the environment and sustainable development.

Integrated Management is a crop-management system that aims to yield high-quality agricultural products by implementing appropriate methods and inputs to achieve profit for the farmer and reduced impact on the environment and human health..