Organic Asparagus

The asparagus plant has devoted fans, thanks to its distinct flavor and high nutritional value. But there’s asparagus, and then there’s Bio Alfa Spargel.

Asparagus grown in the Acheloos River valley has completely unique features.

It is the only cultivated vegetable whose flavor is similar to that of the self-seeded wild asparagus. The secret of its success is no longer a secret. It is the ecosystem and microclimate of the Acheloos River region. It is the producer’ care and experience. It is the strict cultivation parameters. It is the innovative technological equipment in the packing plants. It is our passion for perfection. It is all this, working perfectly together, so that possibly the best asparagus in the world can reach the whole world.

Our co-op began growing organic asparagus in 2010; today, there are over 100 hectares of green and white asparagus crops.

Our produce is exported to European countries and consumer interest has led us to new plantings, because we believe that the high quality of our diet is a necessary imperative for better quality of life.